torsdag 15 februari 2018

100% Vinyl DJ-set at Kungälv Goes London Camden Market.

The 17th of March 2018 is the 10th year anniversary of the local event. Kungälv goes london camden market. And you vill find me spinning a 100% vinyl set this day. more info here:

tisdag 6 februari 2018

Pioneer DJ Interface 2

I like the idea with one music liberary to use at all types of gigs Im at. Before I used Serato when I was DJing with DVS (Digital Vinyl Systems) and Rekordbox for when I was using CDJs. Serato And Rekordbox works nicely together since you can move a playlist from one program to another. But still it was extra work. So when Rekordbox came with DVS, I finely could start using it as my one music software. Still in my opinion is a better software but the time im saving on not using two music software is making it worth to only use Rekordbox. And with Pioneer DJ Interface 2 you can use Rekordbox at almost any locations and clubs.