torsdag 14 april 2011

Swedish Angels.

Fick just denna låt skickad till mig ifrån Denise (Ena delen av Swedish Angels). Det är låten Swedish Angel av Swedish Angels feat Charlie King. Mycket skön låt! En vocalhouselåt som jag tror vi kommer att få höra mycket av i sommar! Snyggt jobbat!

Swedish Angels
Denise Lopez and Jennifer Lopez (not related) – two of the most revered and coveted female Djs in Sweden
Denise Lopez (former known as DeDe) has been a dj for over 12 years and has also a succesful career as a performing artist with more then 500 000 albums sold. She has worked with prominent producers such as Max Martin, Anders Bagge, Andreas Carlsson, Per Magnusson, David Kreuger and Pras Michel (Fugees). Some years back she was the supporting act for Michael Jackson in Gothenburg. She has also sold out Tokyo dome twice! Denise Lopez fifth album Black Lace & Leather was released december 2010.
DJ Miss Lopez (Jennifer) has played at Pacha, Fashion TV Party and at Custo Barcelona Fashion Event for audiences of over 5000 people. She has played in coutries like Dubai, Egypt, Grece, Spain, Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Hong Kong, Philipines, Vietnam and many more. In 2008 she also released an international compilation called God Is a Djane Vol. 1 consisting of classical vocal-house tracks. Since October 2010 she has a radioshow at one of the most popular radio-stations in Sweden.
Denise and Jennifer has not only ruled Stockholm club scene as Dj´s but has been touring on their own around the world. They met while playing as resident Djs at Hells Kitchen, one of Stockholms most attractive nightclub. By the end of 2010 Denise started the project Swedish Angels and asked Jennifer to join the group. Now, after years of incessant touring, Denise and Jennifer is still one of the most revered and coveted female Djs in Sweden and will take on this new exiting project together on tour.
Their first single ”Swedish Angel” feat Charlie King is written by Denise Lopez & Niklas Pettersson, he wrote, among other songs Dilbas contribution in Eurovision Song Contest this year. Producers: Alex Rosta and Jacob Lundahl CO – producers: Denise Lopez & Jennifer Lopez. The song has already received extremely good feedback in which it is compared with Swedish House Mafia and Tim Berg.
Release date: April 4th 2011. iTunes Ubetoo
”What distinguishes this project from my previous releases as a solo artist is that I decided not to sing myself on the first single. We have played the track a few times and without people knowing what it is, it has proven to be a real floor filler, ”says Denise.

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