söndag 18 september 2011

Börsen in Gothenburg.

This saturday I was DJing at a birthday party. It was not a typical birthday party. It was 200 guests and the party was held in Börsen in Gorthenburg. Börsen is a fantastic and beautiful building. Michael Bindefeld had all the arrangement and as always did a fantastic job. The entertainment for the night was me as DJ, The Cotton Club, Afrodite and E-type. I had a great time and the guests were partying all night... So from me to you happy birthday Hans Wallenstam. 
 The dancefloor and stage befor the guests entered.
 The Cotton Club
 Afrodite, (Gladys, Blossom, Kayo)
My Dj-set... CD for this event.
All sound and lightning were made by Lundstromevent & Livetec

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