måndag 20 februari 2012

Prepare for gig.

Now days DJs take their laptop and go off to the club to a gig. When you use a laptop you dont need to think that much of what kind of audience you will meet. You have thousend and thousends of good tunes i your computer. You are ready for any typ of a crowd. But when you using vinyl you have to do some research before you leave for a gig. I have a base of 5 cases of vinyl witch with i can do almost any type of dj-set for almost any type of crowd. But then i pick a 20-30 records that might suit just that club i am DJing at.
 So i spend a lot of time with my records getting ideas for a dj-set. A lot of people think that the DJ make easy money just showing up at the nightclub plays for a few hours and then go home. This is not the true picture. In the modern age where music is so avalible a DJ has to pick out just thoose tracks that really sticks out. To day people follow a DJ becourse they now that this DJ choose the right stuff to play. This takes a lot of time. And for me finding all the good recordings on vinyl is even harder. But its totaly worth it.
So next time you see a DJ perform, remember all the time he spent picking good tracks just for you. And a DJ CANT use Spotefiy!!!! A DJ needs to know the beat the key and he needs to know how the tune goes if he/shes going to do a good job! 

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