fredag 18 maj 2012

I Miss My Babies!

Yesterday when I was DJing at Lipz I left my turntables up there, becourse i will be back on Saturday. But today i got a lot of nice vinyls, and I cant play them....... :( So I have to count BPM and listen to them in the DJ both before i start playing on Saturday.
It was 4 Prince albums and these 12":
Hound Dogz - Movin On
Funk Ferret & Imagine This - Pushin Forward
John Dahlbäck - Life
Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (Remixes)
Pryda - Glimma
Flo Rida - Wild Ones (Remixes)
Sugar Hill Gang - Rappers Delight
Avicii - Levels (Remixes)
In Flagranti - A Brag Mount

And some more......
Some of them sounds like this:

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