torsdag 4 oktober 2012

Optimal Control! Numark 4Trak!

Now I have reorginazed my setup again! This time I am using two Technics 1200 mk2, 2 Traktor Kontrol X1 and a Numark 4Trak.
Doing this I have a analog 4 channel mixer for using when I use my X1s and my turntable with timecode. And I can use the Numark 4Trak as a stand alone MIDI-Controller without switching any cables. It can all be plugged in at the same time. I just change my pre settings in Traktor Pro.  
I can also use the 4trak as an analog mixer when I am using vinyl, since it accually a nice scratch mixer as well. If you dont do beat juggling, then its a bit to big.
It feels like I found a for me optimal solution. I can DJ in a range of diffrent ways and always be able to perform in any sized DJ-booth or stage.
If you want more info on Numark 4Trak you can find it in my earlier posts on this blog!
If you want to know more or buy one in Sweden. You can find them at

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