onsdag 30 januari 2013

Promos From Miami Beat Wave!

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Miami Beat Wave and M1 serve up the latest trackoff the upcoming MBW project called #B2B. This track, “LP&U” is a collaboration with M1 of Dead Prez will also be featuring on the upcoming unofficial audio-biography of Afrika Bambaataa by Dead Prez. While there is more to come, check out this track and some of the other joints already released from the upcoming project such as “Succeed” and more.

miami beat wave and m1

About Miami Beat Wave

More than ever, versatility pays. As the lines between musical styles continue to disappear, people are demanding more from what they listen to. Today a hit needs to have a little of everything in it, and in turn, hitmakers need to be capable of doing a little of everything. Versatility is one of many points that set the three-man production collective Miami Beat Wave a clear cut above their competition.
SLIGHT MODIFICATION, a compilation produced by Miami Beat Wave, features collaborations with artists such as Dead Prez, !MAYDAY!, Skyzoo, Guilty Simpson, Ghostwridah, Wrekonize, Itagui (Locos por Juana) and Artofficial. With that and work on Dj Efn’s project “Diggin In The Tapes” producing a track for Pitbull, Flo-Rida, Brisco, Garcia, The305.com awarding MBW as the “Producers Of The Year” , Miami Beat Wave is on the move in 2011!
One-man live band Chip Williams can single-handedly create masterful instrumental tracks complete with bass, guitar, keys, and drums. Chi-Town beatsmith St. LaRok can chop beats on drum machines with the best of them. Together with production jack-of-all-trades and leader Brandan Toledo, they can effortlessly fuse both approaches into a hybrid sound.
Students of music – literally – since way before they first met at Orlando’s Full Sail School of Music & Media Production, they can produce hard-boiled Hip Hop tracks like their work with Grammy-nominated rapper Omniscient, balls-out rock tunes such as “Guess You Forgot” with self-described ‘urban rocker’ David Correy, and radio ready pop stompers with the new Scotty Boi & Rick Ross single “So Fresh”.
Apart from their stellar production credits, they’ve also made their bones recording and mixing a slew of projects from names like Dangerflow (Miami Heat’s Band), Dead Prez “Gangsta Grillz” and artist such as Dynas and Skam2?.
They also have recently ventured into video game music production, contributing their trademark sound to Hudson Entertainment/Gaijinworks’ new Nintendo DS title Miami Law. They take their inspiration from yesteryear’s jewels classic and obscure alike, the cream of today’s crop, and infuse it all into their interpretation of music’s future. Miami Beat Wave is nothing less than a one-stop shop for everything current in music.
Posted By: Semp Rok

söndag 27 januari 2013

Last Saturday At Palace 20130125!

And on Saturday I was in Gothenburg DJing at a private party on The Palace! This is a beautiful place and a cool atmosphere. And the party was great!
Before the party!
 During the party! :)

Last Friday At Mortens 20130124!

Last friday I was up in Uddevalla DJing at Mortens! Its a great nightclub with many bars and dancefloors. This night it was two local bands performing on stage, so i started a bit late. Here are some pics!

Hope to see you soon again!

onsdag 23 januari 2013

So... Whats New From Numark At Namm 2013!

There where some news from Numark at Namm 2013. 
It was a wireless Midi Controller called Orbit:
And a new version of the Mixtrack Pro. Called Mixtrack Pro II
This was what everyone was expecting. But the real nice news is their "flagship" NS7 who got a new look, new features! By the name Numark NS7 II you get i 4 channel mixer, 4channel Serato controller, 16 pads and a lot more... welcome to the family! :D
Here is a quick walk through of the NS7 II

In Sweden these products will be sold by Starfelt & Co

New Promos!

If you want to been seen in this blog, send me some promos. This is what these guys did. Its Fel Sweetenberg Ft Dave Ghetto and Baby Blak - Save Ya Life.

On “Save Ya Life“, Fel Sweetenberg takes it back to the streets with Dave Ghet (a.k.a. Dave Ghetto) and Baby Blak for this week’s Old School Sunday track of the week. When “Save Ya Life” dropped in February 2010, it was featured on HipHopDx.com and OnSmash to name a few.
About Fel Sweetenberg
This emcee/producer from the lost city of Camden, NJ, is a prolific song writer, with topics ranging from the existence of God, to obsession with women, and everything in between. 

tisdag 22 januari 2013

Next Friday. The 25th Of Jan 2013.

Pics From Last Saturday At Lipz Nightclub!

Last Saturday I was in Trollhättan DJing at a clubb called Lipz! Hera are some pics:
It was as always on Lipz a great party!
See You Next Time At Lipz The 23/2 2013.

More Pics From Numarks Namm 2013 News

Today the world got to see two new teasers from Numark. Hm... What kind of controller will this be?

fredag 18 januari 2013

Exciting News From Numark On Namm 2013!

The 24th of January this year Numark promise a new DJ gear that will revolutionary the DJ-world! Its exciting and this will be nice to see. They promice some new products, and as I see it. Numark make good products. The cheap ones are a bit plastic for my taste, but the 4trak and NS6 ar great controllers. I have used Traktor S4 and tryied some other controllers. But my love is for the 4Trak. Its build like a tank!!! 
Numark as not shown the world any new DJ-equipment this year, so they have focus on something new. And I have not seen Numark this cocky before.
So I think they acually have made a great piece of equipment here! I am looking forward to see what this might be!

Stay tuned for more news from Numark and Namm 2013!

22 Years Ago We Met In The Swedish DJ Mixing Championship!

This Saturday The 19Th Jan, we DJ in the same nightclubb again! :) It will be a blast!

onsdag 16 januari 2013

Chroma Caps For My Numark 4Trak

I got new knobs and caps for my Numark 4trak. The ones that is on the 4trak when you buy it is a very nice quallity but maybe little to small for my taste.
The new ones i got from DJ Tech Tools are a little bit thicker for more precise handling. 
And you can get them in many diffrent colours, even ones that glow in the dark.
So i colour coded my filter knobs and my effect knobs. Even changed the colour of my gain knobs.
Here is the final result....

Here are Ean Golden in a video about the Chrome Caps.

News From Numark 13.01.24

söndag 13 januari 2013

måndag 7 januari 2013

A New Episode Of Crate Diggers.

This time its DJ Toomps turn to show his record collection. Enjoy!

torsdag 3 januari 2013

A New Pile Of Vinyls!

Today I got a new pile of 12" Vinyl from Juno. 
This is what I got:
Avicii - Last Dance (Remixes)
Will I Am - This Is Love (Remixes)
CD - Them Back (Remixes)
2 BIT Crew - Just Cant Seeem
LGG - Let Me
Volta Cab - What Is Underground
Rosenhaft - 1992
Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire (Remixes)
Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Remix)
Skrillex & Kaskade - Lick It (Remix)
James Brown - Dead On (Remix)
Frank Ocean - Pyramids (Remix)
Rihanna Vs DJ Panic City - Karateboy /Riudeboy (Mash-Up)
Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Remix)
Loco Dice - Toxic (Remixes)