fredag 18 januari 2013

Exciting News From Numark On Namm 2013!

The 24th of January this year Numark promise a new DJ gear that will revolutionary the DJ-world! Its exciting and this will be nice to see. They promice some new products, and as I see it. Numark make good products. The cheap ones are a bit plastic for my taste, but the 4trak and NS6 ar great controllers. I have used Traktor S4 and tryied some other controllers. But my love is for the 4Trak. Its build like a tank!!! 
Numark as not shown the world any new DJ-equipment this year, so they have focus on something new. And I have not seen Numark this cocky before.
So I think they acually have made a great piece of equipment here! I am looking forward to see what this might be!

Stay tuned for more news from Numark and Namm 2013!

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