onsdag 23 januari 2013

New Promos!

If you want to been seen in this blog, send me some promos. This is what these guys did. Its Fel Sweetenberg Ft Dave Ghetto and Baby Blak - Save Ya Life.

On “Save Ya Life“, Fel Sweetenberg takes it back to the streets with Dave Ghet (a.k.a. Dave Ghetto) and Baby Blak for this week’s Old School Sunday track of the week. When “Save Ya Life” dropped in February 2010, it was featured on HipHopDx.com and OnSmash to name a few.
About Fel Sweetenberg
This emcee/producer from the lost city of Camden, NJ, is a prolific song writer, with topics ranging from the existence of God, to obsession with women, and everything in between. 

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