måndag 4 februari 2013

More Hip Hop Promos.

The Future is Now is a track we serviced back in late 2008 for a group we have supported since the early 2000s. When ¡Mayday! first stepped in the scene, they had major local support in the indie scene that escalated nationally. Now they are signed to Tech N9ne's Strange Music label. This group proves that hard work pays off. We were just happy to have helped them in their success. The Future is Now!

About ¡MAYDAY!
Starting out as a 2-man project ¡MAYDAY! has since evolved into a full-fledged 6-man group with a buzz so loud that it came to the attention of hip-hop mogul Lil’ Wayne who had to stop and take notice. Now they are signed to Tech N9ne' Strange Music label.

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