torsdag 18 juli 2013

Party Of The Year!

Soooo tired today! Last night I was DJing with Funfair "The Cover Band" on their last show ever! It was in Kungälvsparken and it was a party!!! Thank You Funfair for all theese years and that i have had the honor to DJ with you guys over the years. Here are som pics from the night...
 Funfairs last gig... You gonna be missed....

Cool Exhibition!

The Bus Is Full!

The bus is all packed. tonight im DJing at Kungälvsparken. Its the third year Funfair ask me to DJ at their event. Its gonna be great. I have a big stage and i can play 100% pure vinyl. Here are some pics from last year and the year before that.
  See you tonight!!!!

tisdag 16 juli 2013

Can I Borrow 42 Min From Your Time?

If you hav ethe time, then se the great DJ A-Trak doing a 42min live set from The Boiler Room.
This Canadian DJ was as young as 16 years when he won the DMC World DJ Mixiing Finals. 

torsdag 11 juli 2013

Another Great Vinyl DJ!

His name is Phos Toni. He plays vinyl in his own style, I love that swing-sound!
Phos Toni swings the vinyl in the old DJ manner. He mesmerizes the audience with his major repertoire of refreshing and melodic house & electro records and his distinctive, virtuosic-ground shaking way of swinging the vinyl.
Phos Toni has been making noise, especially in the international electro-swing scene, since the start of the hype in 2010. He has been a major impact on the scene with his sets, including his Swing-That-Vinyl-Series, which is highly coveted on the internet.
Even as a producer the Wiesbaden native now sets landmarks. “Bye Bye Baby” is the name of the melodic electro-swing earworm which has been complemented by Wolfgang Lohrs banging remix. The EP will be released on Ostfunk-Records soon as digital download as well as vinyl.
See more on his website:
Below you have the 1 hour and 21min radio gig. Enjoy!

New Beats!

Today I got some new beats from London.
This is what i got:
Kaleta/Akoya Afrobeat - The Spirit Of Fela Is Alive & Well
Rayko ft Em Vee - Lumberjacks In Hell
C2C - Down The Road

måndag 8 juli 2013

More For Rainy Days!

Here is a full consert with the french DJ group Birdy Nam Nam, with one of my favorite DJ Crazy B.

söndag 7 juli 2013

Thank You Uddevalla!

Here are some pics from Mortens Krog in Uddevalla last Saturday. It was as always a pleasure to come and DJ at this place.
Hope to visit you again soon!

fredag 5 juli 2013

For A Rainy Day!

Here is the 2006 DMC World Finals. The full video. From Sweden Kid Sid, and also in this video the fantasitic Netik from France and Rafik from Germany.

torsdag 4 juli 2013

At Last I Got It!

Today I got Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines on vinyl, and also on this 12" some nice remixes of the song! 
Guess what I will play tonight! :)