fredag 28 november 2014

Friday The 5th Of Dec!

Last Night At The Full Moon Party At Lipz!

Last night I was DJing in Trollhättan, at this great nightclub called Lipz. It was a Full Moon Party. And great clubbing on a Thurday. Here are some pics from last night:

måndag 10 november 2014

WarmUp Run DMC Rutine!

Today I was warming up in the studio witch was a bit chilly, so i put on an old Run DMC track and did some juggling. Enjoy!

söndag 2 november 2014

These Guys! :)

I dont know what to say.... So just enjoy! Here are DJ Shifty And DJ Enferno....

måndag 20 oktober 2014

After Work Lounge Session On The 14 Of November!

On the 14th of November this year im going to to a 100% Vinyl After Work Lounge Session at Scandic Opalen in Gotheburg. Welcome!

fredag 10 oktober 2014

DJ Kangasoja Live At Lipz Nightclub!

Kangasoja Podcasts DJ Kangasoja is mixing club/house/party music for a great party English Episode 1 A Live Recorded Mix From Lipz Nightclub 20140830

torsdag 9 oktober 2014

Congrats To The New World DJ Mixing Champion!

Congratulations to 2014 DMC World Champion Mr Switch - World DJ Champion representing the UK! This is his 4th DMC World title as he is the 3x DMC Battle for World Supremacy Champion (head to head vinyl only) but this is is first DMC World title in the classic showcase 6 min. category!
Here is a 1 hour long video of the champion:

onsdag 17 september 2014

Pioneer PLX-1000 Professional Turntable!

Here is a overview of the new turntable from Pioneer, the PLX-1000. Looks really nice!

tisdag 16 september 2014

A New Episode Of Serato Icons!

This time with a grandfather of hip hop, DJ Premier.

torsdag 11 september 2014

Back To 1999.

Here is a clip from MTV showing the legendary David Morales behind the turntables on Ibiza!

tisdag 26 augusti 2014


Im a vinyl DJ, and if I cant play 100% vinyl, I perfere Serato and timecoded vinyls. To be honest I havent had any respect for controller DJs, But i might have to change my mind... Look at this guy!!!! He is FU*%ING Superb!!! It DJ BrainDeaD from Israel... Check him out!

torsdag 14 augusti 2014

History Lesson.

Here is the story of DMC Disco Mixing Club. Every year they arrange the World DJ Mixing Championships. And know everything about turntablalism. Sit back and enjoy!

måndag 21 juli 2014

My Summer In Pictures So Far!

This Summer I been working hard as a DJ around the westcoast of Sweden and some gigs in Stockholm.
Im sorry that I havent been able to update this blog that much. So here is a update in pictures.... This is what my summer has looked like so far...
Lipz In Trollhättan
 Lipz In Trollhättan
 Fashion Event on Goopy By Spot
 Blue Water Beachvolley Tournament
 Stenungsbaden Yacht Club
 Lipz Nightclub
 Nackastrand Mässan Stockholm
 Ally Rose In Lidköping
 Trägårn Nightclub In Göteborg
 Studio 54 gig for Volvo
 Nightshift Stenungsbaden
You can follow me on Instagram if you want to keep update on my gigs...

torsdag 17 april 2014

fredag 11 april 2014

Serato Icon DJ Premier

DJ Premier is a true cornerstone of hip-hop and a key figure in the development of the culture. An era-defining DJ and producer, his signature style was a blueprint for the underground and influenced a generation. Probably most well known as one half of Gang Starr, there's a large chunk of an entire genre that he's directly responsible for. He's a legend for die-hard hip-hop fiends but also a household name.

måndag 7 april 2014

What A Great Party!!!

This weekend i was in Grebbestad and the Tanum Strand Hotel DJing together with two iconic bands from the 80s. Noice and Snowstorm. It was about 1000 people who came to have a 80s nostalgic trip! hera are some pics!

A Live Recorded Mix From 2014-04-06!

DJ Kangasoja Goes Clubbing Live 2014-04-06 by Soundsofkanga on Mixcloud

måndag 31 mars 2014

Great Party At Casa In Nossebro!

Last Saturday I went for the first timeup to Nossebro and a nightclub called Casa. It has 3 floors and i was playing at the party dancefloor. Hope to be DJing there soon again!

Bro Shopping!

Last Thursday i was DJing at a local store called Goopy By Shop. They had this guy night with great music, snacks, good prices and of course beer.... :)

Stenungsbaden With Party Patrullen And Tommy Nilsson.

After Kungälv Goes London Camden Market I went up to StenungsbadenYacht Club. I was DJing together with Party Patrullen and Tommy Nilsson. Here Are some pics!