torsdag 17 april 2014

fredag 11 april 2014

Serato Icon DJ Premier

DJ Premier is a true cornerstone of hip-hop and a key figure in the development of the culture. An era-defining DJ and producer, his signature style was a blueprint for the underground and influenced a generation. Probably most well known as one half of Gang Starr, there's a large chunk of an entire genre that he's directly responsible for. He's a legend for die-hard hip-hop fiends but also a household name.

måndag 7 april 2014

What A Great Party!!!

This weekend i was in Grebbestad and the Tanum Strand Hotel DJing together with two iconic bands from the 80s. Noice and Snowstorm. It was about 1000 people who came to have a 80s nostalgic trip! hera are some pics!

A Live Recorded Mix From 2014-04-06!

DJ Kangasoja Goes Clubbing Live 2014-04-06 by Soundsofkanga on Mixcloud