måndag 30 mars 2015

A Short Movie From The Event "Back To The 80s"

Here is a short movie with some highlights from the event "Back To The 80s" at Tanum Strand in Grebbestad.
It was me and some calssic swedish band from the 80s.
It was Factory, Magnum Bonum and Noice.

måndag 23 mars 2015

Back To The 80s Again!


Last Saturday I was DJing in Kungälv. At a local event called Kungälv Goes London Camden Market!

måndag 16 mars 2015

Studio Time.

Today I got to spend some time in my studio working on a Club Edit of the winner in the Swedish Eurovison Song Contest. 
I reworked that song so it could be played on the dancefloor.

torsdag 5 mars 2015

Whats In My DJ-Bag?

This is what i bring to a gig!

I always want to be prepered. When im DJing I often uses 100% Vinyl in my sets, But when thats not possible or im doing a standard nightclub session i bring this:

1 Macbook Pro with Serato DJ and Serato Scratch Live
1 Pioneer SP1 Midi control for Serato DJ
1 Rane SL2 Soundcard
1 Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones
1 Pioneer HDJ-500 backup headphones
2 Technics Slipmats (The original has always worked for me)
4 Serato Time Code Vinyls
1 USB-stick with the newest firmware to Pioneers CDJs
8 USB-sticks with music in a Magma cartridge
4 Pickups (Ortofon Q-Bert and Shure M77) in a Magma Bag
1 Crane Laptopp Stand

1 Set of Novation Dicer Serato Scratch Live Midi Control
1 2m RCA-cable
4 CDs with warmup mixes
1 4-port USB Hub 
1 Pioneer RMX-1000 Effects mashine 
2 Extra USB Cables
With all this im well prepared for any type of DJ-gigs. As bags i use 2 Magma bags.