torsdag 5 mars 2015

Whats In My DJ-Bag?

This is what i bring to a gig!

I always want to be prepered. When im DJing I often uses 100% Vinyl in my sets, But when thats not possible or im doing a standard nightclub session i bring this:

1 Macbook Pro with Serato DJ and Serato Scratch Live
1 Pioneer SP1 Midi control for Serato DJ
1 Rane SL2 Soundcard
1 Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones
1 Pioneer HDJ-500 backup headphones
2 Technics Slipmats (The original has always worked for me)
4 Serato Time Code Vinyls
1 USB-stick with the newest firmware to Pioneers CDJs
8 USB-sticks with music in a Magma cartridge
4 Pickups (Ortofon Q-Bert and Shure M77) in a Magma Bag
1 Crane Laptopp Stand

1 Set of Novation Dicer Serato Scratch Live Midi Control
1 2m RCA-cable
4 CDs with warmup mixes
1 4-port USB Hub 
1 Pioneer RMX-1000 Effects mashine 
2 Extra USB Cables
With all this im well prepared for any type of DJ-gigs. As bags i use 2 Magma bags.

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