lördag 17 december 2016

torsdag 15 december 2016

Using CDJs as turntables.

As a turntabalist you used to use some special techniques and you feel at home with turntables. But still you can use a lot of same techniques on CDJ-players. Here is a master of just that. Its Terrence Parker, a really technical dj doing a set in Boiler Room in Chicago. Enjoy!

fredag 2 december 2016

Tonights Setup!

Today im DJing at Munchenbryggeriet in Stockholm. This is my stage and setup.

This is how the party later turned out! :)

torsdag 1 december 2016

Euroskill 2016 The Opening Act!

Last night I was DJing at Scandinavium in Gotheburg. It was the opening act of a three day competition called Euroskills 2016. Its like a olympic game for working skills. Here is a short video, who i shot during my work on the stage. Enjoy! Down below I found this video from Kilpailu alkaa who has recorded the last act for the evening. 
Here are some pics from the evening aswell:

onsdag 30 november 2016

Euroskills 2016 Rehearsal.

Tonight its the opening ceremony of Euroskills 2016 in Gotheburg. I will be djing and perform together with a band, a orchestra and over thirty dancers in Skandinavium. Here is a pic from last nights rehearsals.

tisdag 22 november 2016

Thank You JYSK!

Last Saturday I went with DJ-Society Music Club to DJ at Svenska Mässan, Gothia Towers i Gothenburg. It was the company JYSK who had its party for all employes. Lundstrom Event was arranging it, and We got up on stage after Da Buzz. It was a great party, and I hope we see you next year again!

lördag 5 november 2016

A Great Backup! Akai AMX & AFX

Akai AMX & AFX
The perfect backup for a Serato DJ
This is my backup system. I always use my Rane 62 mixer when I dj. Often with a pair of Technics turnatables or a pair of Pioneer CDJ-players. But in a extra bag I always carry theese controllers as well. Its the Akai AMX and AFX. Its a mixer and effects controller units. They are small and self and easy to bring as a complet backup system if my mixer, or players/turntables break.

Hands On Control

Put hands-on control at the center of your Serato DJ setup with AMX, a versatile 2-channel mixing surface from Akai Professional. A powerful controller for any performer, AMX controls 2 decks of Serato DJ with an intuitive array of faders, touch-activated knobs, and buttons. Featuring a curve-adjustable mini innoFADER™ crossfader, dedicated line faders, and control signal inputs, AMX can interface Serato DJ with turntables using Serato NoiseMap™ (DVS) or HID players over a single USB cable. Built-in headphone and master outputs integrate into any booth or tabletop setup, bringing the trusted Akai Professional hardware experience to stages and studios all over the world. Read on to see what it can bring to your next live performance using Serato DJ.
Full-version Serato DJ Included
Serato DJ is a robust program for digital DJ’ing. AMX comes with the full-version, letting you take advantage of precise, powerful audio manipulation in real-time. Already have Serato DJ? AMX unlocks it, providing both a control surface and audio interface to build around or have as an extra controller option. Utilizing Akai Pro’s expertise in hardware innovation and sound manipulation mastery, the line between the physical and digital DJ world is extinct.
Ready for NoiseMap™
AMX features two sets of audio inputs, selectable as Line or Phono, to accept signals from Serato timecode vinyl, also known as Serato NoiseMap™. This Digital Vinyl System (DVS) lets you DJ with your digital music collection, while maintaining the feel and action of a turntable+vinyl setup. AMX accepts the Serato NoiseMap signal from your turntables and instantly sends it Serato DJ over a USB connection. Until now, similar systems were complex and cost-prohibitive. AMX is a rock-solid, affordable interface that fuses the best of analog feel with the best of digital music access. (Serato DVS Expansion Pack and timecode vinyl are sold separately)
Unleash a Monster Performance
AMX features the renowned innoFADER mini crossfader at the heart of its mixing surface. Coveted for its uncanny response, smooth action, and impossibly-durable build quality, the innoFADER gives DJs of all types unmatched command over transitions and cuts. With a fully-adjustable curve response, the innoFADER mini can be calibrated for turntablists, electronic music DJ’s, scratch/battle performers – AMX even includes a fader reverse switch – that can be worked hard, night in and night out.
Touch Down
By themselves, the EQ and Filter knobs on AMX are tactile, responsive controls for shaping tracks and carving out transitions. These knobs also incorporate a dramatic “twist”– they react to the human touch. In Touch mode, each knob responds to a twist, a touch, or a combination of both. With a simple tap, you can kill an entire frequency band (or two, or three). Remove your finger and the missing bands become audible again, instantly. With Touch mode disengaged, they function as traditional mixer-style knobs for precision control over each decks’ sonic composition.
Studio-Grade Audio Interface
AMX packs professional functionality into a compact form-factor – take it everywhere. In addition to transport and mixing controls, it features a studio-grade audio interface. Get the mix from your computer to an amplification system with support for 24-bit, 96kHz audio output. As the center of your DVS setup, or as a compact travel-friendly controller, AMX brings the best of the studio to the stage in a way that only Akai Professional can.
- See more at: http://www.akaipro.com/product/amx#sthash.sb8FG5ZB.dpuf
Hands-On Expansion
Expand your creative performance capability with AFX, a versatile 4-deck FX controller for advanced performance using Serato DJ, a powerful software platform for digital DJ’ing. A single USB connection adds over 70 intuitive controls to your DJ setup including intelligent touch-activated knobs, velocity-sensitive pads and backlit buttons. Trigger samples, assign loops and cue points, tweak Serato effects (known as FX), manage DVS modes, automate song edits, and so much more from ultra-responsive, trusted Akai Professional hardware found in studios and stages all over the world. Read on to see what it can bring to your next live performance using Serato DJ.
Opening New Doors
AFX gives you exhaustive control over the iZotope FX inside Serato DJ. Just plug it in to expand or add controls to any Serato setup. A total of 9 touch-activated knobs unlock all-new FX capabilities – planned or improvised. Assign FX on the fly, tweak their parameters, and layer FX types with tactile, responsive control that incorporates a dramatic “twist”– knobs that react to the human touch. In Touch mode, each knob responds to a twist, a touch, or a combination of both. A rotary-push knob and corresponding backlit LCD screen provides easy parameter adjustment and confirmation. For DJs adding FX controls to a Serato NoiseMAP™ setup (timecode vinyl), AFX even provides DVS-mode switching, keeping your interaction with the computer trackpad or mouse at a minimum.
Pad Pounding
Eight velocity-sensitive trigger pads get the ideas in your head to the tips of your fingers. With 10 pad modes, AFX gives you ample freedom to trigger samples, manage loops, assign hot-cues, and slice tracks. With backlit RGB feedback, you will always know which mode you have selected in addition to real-time pad performance feedback. Akai Professional knows pads – the iconic MPC line is a staple for producing electronic music using pad-oriented sample-triggering – and responds to each press, tap, or slam as musically as possible. From the AFX, DJs can construct (or deconstruct) entire performances from the pads, taking creativity to a whole new level.
Do A Forward Flip
AFX has deep integration with Serato DJ’s Flip Expansion Pack. Flip allows you to record your cue point and censor actions which can be saved and looped, ready to re-trigger and start in an instant. Use Serato Flip to create and save up to 6 Flips per track, ready for playback in the studio or the club. Flip can be used to create and play back custom song edits ranging from extended intros/outtros, breakdowns, making beats, skipping verses or choruses, and creating clean edits of songs. Even more, AFX includes Serato’s Backpack FX Expansion pack to give your sets a boost using a dub collection of analog-style effects – echo’s, loopers, filters, and time stretch.
- See more at: http://www.akaipro.com/product/afx#sthash.D5Rdlzy3.dpuf

onsdag 2 november 2016

Eskei83 Red Bull Thre3Style 2016 Vienna Live Set

Hello all you guys and girls outthere who loves good turntable-djs. Here is a one hour live performance from one of the best djs in the world. A Red Bull Thre3style winner from Germany. DJ ESKEI83!!! Enjoy!!!

onsdag 12 oktober 2016

Some Turntable Techniques You Can Use.

Here are 4 classic turntable techniques for non-house genres. Time for some boogie :-) Find out more about Doctor Mix onhttp://DoctorMix.com

måndag 10 oktober 2016

2016 World DMC Champion DJ Yuto.

Here is the world winning perfomance of DJ Yuto from Japan. The new DMC World Champion.

onsdag 14 september 2016

Always Nice To See The Masters In Work!

A long nice session with the two masters of turntabals. DJ JAzzy Jeff and Skratch Bastid. Enjoy!

måndag 14 mars 2016

Thank You Södertälje!

This Weekend we went with DJ-Society Music Club up to Södertälje just outside Stockholm. We performed at Telgias Salonger and as always had a great party! Here are some pics:

fredag 4 mars 2016

Back To Borås!

Tonight Im going to Borås again to DJ at the great XoY Nightclub. This time with the two DJ-Legends Salo and Ola Alvgrim. There is no greater party!!!

onsdag 2 mars 2016

DJ-Society Music Club!

Last weekend I went on tour with DJ-Society Music Club. First stop was Friday at Lipz Nightclub in Trollhättan. And on Saturday we went to Borås and Grand Hotel. Great party! Here are some pics:

Next stop on Tour is following places:

Telgias Salonger, Södertälje 12/3
Stenungsbaden Yacht Club, Stenungsund 24/3
Oxygen Nightclub, Strömstad 9/4
Oscar Niteclub, Varberg. 24/4

måndag 15 februari 2016

Great weekend Part 2

On Saturday i wnet up to Strömstad to DJ at Oxygen Nightclub at the hotel Laholmen. The hotel had a Gatsy/20s party with dancers/performers and me in the nightclub mixing clubhits with electro swing and swing beat. It was packed! A great party!!!

Great Weekend Part 1

This weekend was great. First i went on Friday to Uddevalla to DJ at Mortens together with the Swedish pop icon Björn Rosenström. And a great party it was!

Thanks Mortens and I hope to see you soon again!