tisdag 19 december 2017

Back to 2000!

DMC Technics World Dj Championship 2000 DJ Craze is defending his titel!

måndag 18 december 2017

Another Vinyl DJ From Sweden. DJ Mad Mats.

I found this guy online. He is a skilled all around vinyl dj from Stockholm Sweden. I like his thoughts and how he plays. Nice to se other hard working djs using turntables insted of CDJs.
I really like this guy!

Sounds Of Kangas PODCast #011

Down here is the hole mix to listen to.

söndag 17 december 2017

The Reward Of Digging!

Today I found these two gems in my local second hand store. All though the price of second hand vinyl is starting to become quite expensive in Sweden, you can still found some nice records at a good price.
Ifound a collection called History Of Soul with some really good tracks, but I was lucky to find "A Night At Studio 54" a collection of great disco tracks. Artists like Chick, Chalryl Lynn, G.Q and many more. So today was almost christmas for me... :)

måndag 6 november 2017

Pioneer DDJ-XP1

Pioneer DDJ-XP1 is a add on controller to use with Rekordbox DJ 5. It's main purpose is for djs using DVS and turntables. But can be useful when using CDJ's as well.
It feels like I have found the best setup for my type of doing.  I'm often booked to do vinyl Dj sets on DVS or 100% pure vinyl. But I also do a lot of Nightclub gigs on CDJs as well. So for me Rekordbox I a great plattform, and with the new Pioneer DDJ-XP1 it's completed. I can use the same library, samples and effects on any type of Pioneer setup. So I bring my laptop, Interface 2 soundcard and my DDJ-XP1 to all over my gigs and I feel home. 

Whether you use turntables, multi-players or external devices, the DDJ-XP1 will bring a whole new sphere of creative possibilities to your DJ performances.
This robust add-on controller with intuitive layout and 32 performance pads is designed to get the most out of rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs. So add the DDJ-XP1 to your setup and enjoy tactile control over Hot Cues, Pad FX, Beat Jump, Sampler, Beat Loop or the new Key Shift and Keyboard modes.
More info here: https://www.pioneerdj.com/en/product/controller/ddj-xp1/black/overview/https://www.pioneerdj.com/en/product/controller/ddj-xp1/black/overview/

måndag 3 juli 2017

Whats In My DJ-Bag 2017?

I just left Serato DJ for giving Rekordbox DJ a go! I have been using Serato last 6 years and it has been working great and never letting me down och crashed on me on stage. But it is double work to prepering sets in both serato and Rekordbox. I have to do this becourse im not always using DVS. So from now on im gonna use Rekordbox all the way... Hope that will save me alot of time! :)

This is my new setup that i bring to every gig.

I have a large UDG Producer bag, containing:

1 Apple Macbook air

1 Laptopstand 

1 Pioneer DJM-450 as a backup-mixer 

2 Pioneer HDJ-2000 Headphones.

1 Pioneer RMX-1000

1 Pioneer SP-01

2 Rekordbox DVS vinyl-records.

6 USB-flash mermory cards with music

2 SD-flash memory cards with music

1 Netgear 5 port-hub and cables

2 Ortofon Q-bert cartridges

2 Shure m-44 cartridges

1 Microphone

1 XLR-cable (For the mic)

2 Slipmats

1 Actioncamera

1 Flashdrive with 400 Gigs of music

1 USB 5-port hub

USB-cables, and other cables.



söndag 2 juli 2017

Its always good to be back!

Last night i was back to Lysekil on the swedish wastcoast to dj at Havsbadet. It was more than a year ago since i played there. And as always Lysekil was in a party mood! :)

torsdag 22 juni 2017

Vinyl DJ Agency!


Tight Of Space!

Last nights gig at Kajskjul 8 in Gothenburg. Not much space left in the DJ-Booth. :)
It was Volvo Company that had a Rock Of The 80s Theme Party and i was djing some old rock classics with new and old party hits.

This Is A Lesson In The Art Of Turntabalism.

fredag 21 april 2017

måndag 20 februari 2017

Blop Blop Records

Blip Blop Records is a Swedish label with love for Deep House, Tech House, Minimal, Techno and groovy beats and we are always looking for new, fresh and exciting electronic music from all over the world.
We like to see us as a family with members who like to think that music shall give people a really good feeling and happiness, it might sounds corny but that is what we do. We loves corny sounds and happy music made from our hearts.

If you want to join this label and be a part of the Blip Blop Family please send your demo link (as private) to blipbloprecords@gmail.com

Sounds Of Kanga PODCast#009

Friday The 24th Of February!

First im doing a AW-DJset at HAK Scandic Europa and after that im doing a club-set at Incontro.