måndag 3 juli 2017

Whats In My DJ-Bag 2017?

I just left Serato DJ for giving Rekordbox DJ a go! I have been using Serato last 6 years and it has been working great and never letting me down och crashed on me on stage. But it is double work to prepering sets in both serato and Rekordbox. I have to do this becourse im not always using DVS. So from now on im gonna use Rekordbox all the way... Hope that will save me alot of time! :)

This is my new setup that i bring to every gig.

I have a large UDG Producer bag, containing:

1 Apple Macbook air

1 Laptopstand 

1 Pioneer DJM-450 as a backup-mixer 

2 Pioneer HDJ-2000 Headphones.

1 Pioneer RMX-1000

1 Pioneer SP-01

2 Rekordbox DVS vinyl-records.

6 USB-flash mermory cards with music

2 SD-flash memory cards with music

1 Netgear 5 port-hub and cables

2 Ortofon Q-bert cartridges

2 Shure m-44 cartridges

1 Microphone

1 XLR-cable (For the mic)

2 Slipmats

1 Actioncamera

1 Flashdrive with 400 Gigs of music

1 USB 5-port hub

USB-cables, and other cables.



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